Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff


From now on whenever I refer to this new game I will say FGTQFS. I’m sure you will agree, that is easier to type! 

I’ve never written a blog before so please be patient. 

Having downloaded FGTQFS the minute it was launched I’ve had a few days to play it. There are a lot of glitches, which is normal for a new multiple platform game.

Here are my top issues with  what promises to be a really good game that could end up to be the mother of all time sucks, just like TSTO. 

(1) you need Facebook to add friends and visit their towns

(2) the items are often hard to move and, in some instances, impossible

(3) I keep getting connection error message and everything I have done up to then has not been registered so I have to restart the tasks

(4) BIGGEST ISSUE – I bought a lot of clams and money and they have not all shown in my game, that needs fixing ASAP

(5) at the moment I haven’t been able to progress as I lose connection and get kicked out of the game and I’m right back where I started yesterday. 

I will be speaking to the Developer as I need the clams and money I bought (so far over $80 in 2 days). If anyone has any comments or has had any of these problems let me know.